CAROL DROBEK                                    PRINTED LIGHT                             SHADOW'S JOURNEY

About Shadow’s Journey

Throughout the ages stories have been born about heroes who are called to save their worlds.  These are universal themes that resonate with multiple cultures and entire populations.  Such stories often arise in troubled times and reflect the basic human desire to rise above oppression.  These archetypes are understood and embraced by people of all ages.  “Shadow’s Journey “ is such a story.  Not only does it address the desire for a hero who is willing to risk great peril to save the world, the story furthers this simple premise by including the principles of finding True Heart and the reawakening of the Spirit of Magic.  The character of Shadow appears as a constant—a being that accepts the challenge of the perilous journey into the underworld.  Through this courageous journey Shadow not only transforms the world but also transcends it and becomes pure inspiration to those who follow.

“Shadow’s Journey” came about through an exciting creative process.  At it’s beginning there were only the pictures.  Then the pictures themselves started to tell the story.  So the story came into existence through the art.  Of itself this process felt quite remarkable and rather chaotic with one element evolving from another. When the whole work emerged it felt like a gift. 

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