CAROL DROBEK                                    PRINTED LIGHT                             PHOTO  ILLUSTRATION


Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Carol Drobek studied photography at Moore College of Art receiving her BFA in 1971. She completed her graduate studies at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY and in 1975 received a grant in photography from the New York State Council on the Arts that allowed her to move to San Francisco. In the following year a grant from the National Endowment on the Arts enabled her to outfit a darkroom and to continue the work that has gone on to the present day. In 1986 Drobek entered still another phase of her development as an artist by adapting her unique style to the demands of the commercial art world and became a photo-illustrator. Both as a fine artist and as a commercial artist she continues to produce dynamic work for a broad audience. She has been a freelance photo illustrator since 1987.